League Of Legends Cypher

by The Yordles



The Yordles Official League Of Legends Cypher


Sonny Psydup:
Oh Snap the Yordles are back
It's Sonny Psydup here to lead the attack
FALL BACK your plays are whack
I'm half black I'll be your carry this rap track

Meet me down in bot lane if you're willing
First Blood? more like a mercy killing
My hands are clean I let Miles do the blood spilling
Sit back, spam laugh, soundin' like a super villain

Retrain your brain to drain the pain
and try maintain in my domain
I'll be humane and give you free reign
But only cause' I'm gettin' sick of the same lane.

Shut down, my keys
My town, my steaze
Lunchables... I go ham on the Ritz with a little bit of cheese

UberGuitarDude and Sonny Psydup,
We are The Yordles and you know what's up,
Been waitin' on writin' this Cypher been fightin',
And now it's 'bout time that we bring down the Sparks

Maybe you've seen me on Summoner's Rift,
Meltin' your faces with my tasty riffs,
Slingin' 'em out like my Ezreal ults,
/ff noobs it's your own damn fault

Bot is my lane, AD is my main,
wrackin' up kills is my claim to fame,
Ezreal, Draven, and Graves are my boys,
'Til Riot realizes I need a new toy

They'll make a new champ and then base it on me,
UberGuitarDude is what we all need,
QWER is no longer the key,
Just start up a game with me baby, GG!


released February 12, 2013
Miles Roozen
Sonny Williams



all rights reserved


The Yordles North Carolina

Music to play League Of Legends to.

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